Knowing about your personality can help you choose the roles and work environments that best fit you. Each career path has many different jobs with different characteristics and requirements. Knowing how you work best should be considered when making decisions about where you work and what you do. Future Plans uses a personality assessment created in conjunction with the Rockport Institute to help you gain insight about yourself and how you interact with others

Focus their energy and attention on their internal world – ideas, thoughts, understanding and reflection. Tend to enjoy and ‘recharge’ with time alone or in more intimate personal interactions.

Focus on concepts, patterns, and what has potential. Tend to think in terms of ‘What if…?’ or ‘What’s possible …?’ Reads between the lines and looks for the meaning of things.

Make decisions based on their values, or the perceived interest or worth of something (to themselves or others). Would ask themselves, ‘How do I feel about it?’ or ‘How much do I care about this?

Tend to prefer flexibility in their schedule and expectations. Tend to focus more on ‘the process’ (rather than the result). Comfortable with things being ‘open-ended’ with room for more information or the unexpected.




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