Research has shown that you are more likely to experience job satisfaction and success when your career aligns with your interests. Future Plans assesses your career interest among six occupational themes, based on the following Holland Codes: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional.

People with Realistic interests like work that includes practical, hands-on problems and answers. Often people with Realistic interests do not like careers that involve a lot of paperwork or are focused on generating ideas or theories.
They may like:

  • Working with plants and animals
  • Real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery
  • Outside work

People with Artistic interests like work that deals with the creative side of things. This may include pursuits in the fine arts, like acting, music and design. It may also include bringing unique self-expression to their work in any job.
They may like:

  • Creativity in their work
  • Work that can be done without following a set of rules
  • Focus on aesthetics and presentation

People with Investigative interests tend to like work that involves lots of ideas and thinking. They often work well independently and thrive in activities that feed their intellectual curiosity.
They may like:

  • Searching for facts
  • Figuring out problems
  • Research, data and analysis

People with Social interests like working with others to help them learn and grow. They like working with people more than working with objects, machines, or information.
They may like:

  • Teaching
  • Giving advice
  • Helping and being of service to people

People with Enterprising interests tend to enjoy work that allows them to start and carry out business plans and projects. They are often great initiators, and are self-motivated and good at taking charge.
They may like:

  • Persuading and leading people
  • Making decisions and taking action
  • Taking risks for profits

People with Conventional interests tend to like work that follows standard procedures and routines. They often prefer work in which they organize and manage information, details and structures.
They may like:

  • Working with clear goals and direction
  • Work where they can maintain or improve organizations and systems
  • Practical operations and responsibility




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