Solutions & Pricing

The Future Plans Solution

The Future Plans Solution includes Assessment & Career Coaching, PhysicalFIT, all 5 online courses, experiential labs and Future Plans job matching database.


AssessFIT & Career Coaching

Our online career assessment. Discover your strengths, skills, interests and core personality type. Prepare and secure your in-demand career. Includes a 90 min. career coaching session.


Additional Career Coaching


$100.00 per hour

Online Courses

Foundation Courses

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Courses: Self-Management, Communication, Teamwork, Thinking on Your Feet, and Problem Solving.


Course Lesson Orientation

Introduction to how to navigate the features and functions of your online courses and lessons. Included with your course subscription.



Lessons: What It Means to Be Professional, Take Accountability, Set Personal Goals, Staying Motivated, Manage Time and Priorities, Personal Improvement, Manage Your Emotions, Manage Stress, How to Deal With Ambiguity, Make a Good First Impression



Lessons: What is Effective Communication, Create Clear Messages, Proactive Listening, Communication Style, Overcoming Communication Barriers, Cross Cultural Communication, Effective Email, Communicating Virtually, Small Group Communication, Deliver Difficult Messages



Lessons: The Value of Workplace Relationships, Go Beneath the Surface, Trust is a Two Way Street, Mutual Accountability, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Show Appreciation, Being Assertive, Dealing With Passive Aggressive People, Working Collaboratively


Thinking on Your Feet

Lessons: The Value of Clear Thinking, Gather Good Information, Analyze the Information, Inference and Reason, Arguments and Conclusions, Thinking Styles, Avoid Thinking Traps, Applications of Clear Thinking, Evaluate and Prioritize Ideas, Move On From Conflict


Problem Solving

Lessons: Define the Problem, Problem Solving Fundamentals, Root Cause Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry, Innovative Thinking, Creative Thinking, Generate Solutions, Testing The Solution, Overcoming Challenges, Define the Problem