Future Plans has a multi-faceted approach in addressing the difficult task of finding the right employee that will be productive on day 1.


“Know the aptitudes, values, interests and personality type of prospective employees”

What if you had an assessment tool that was able to discover the aptitudes, values, interests and personality type of prospective employees before you hired them?

What if the same tool was able to match prospective employees to the exact requirements of your in-demand jobs by zip code? Would that information be valuable to have before making hiring decisions? Would that information be valuable to laser focus your recruiting and on-boarding of new hires versus rolling the dice?

Future Plans utilizes an online career assessment and planning tool called Assessment. The underlying premise of Assessment is that every occupation requires a distinct combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities, and requires the performance of a variety of specific activities and tasks.

The results of Assessment equip individuals with the self-knowledge of their strengths and a plan geared toward choosing, preparing for and securing an in-demand career. This is a tremendous benefit to employers in finding not only the most qualified, but highly motivated employees that can be productive on their first day of work.


“Expose and expand what an individual sees as a possibility”

The key to the Future Plans Career Coaching is to expose and expand what an individual sees as a possibility and to explore their career propensities. No matter if they are a student, an incumbent worker or someone in your organization looking to move up through the ranks, they truly don’t know what they don’t know.

We believe the reason that individuals do not reach their full potential is because they have not found where they FIT. Our professional career coaches help establish and develop a step-by-step education and career plan to reveal undiscovered potential. This may require additional education or certification, but, no matter what it takes to elevate to the next level, our coaches are trained and prepared to help.

The Future Plans  program allows

employers to evaluate their current practices

in order to promote positive change and

improve productivity and efficiency.


Future Plans